Nosotros- Profesionalidad,respecto,confianza y liderazgo
Nuestra compañía

En VivaChek, creemos en la profesionalidad, el respecto, la confianza y el liderazgo.
La profecionalidad y eficiencia nos hacen mejor que los otros.

VivaChek Laboratories, Inc. es un proveedor dinámico, profesional y responsable de sistemas de monitoreo de glucosa en sangre, cuya sede está en A1013 Centre Road, Suite 403-A, Wilmington, DE, 19085, EE.UU.
Our state-of-art manufacturing facility, VivaChek Biotech (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., is established in the Yuhang Economic Development Area, Hangzhou, China. VivaChek Biotech (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company and shares the same management team of VivaChek Laboratories, Inc. The company is established by several co-founders who have extensive experience in IVD field and share many common beliefs and values. The facility and manufacturing processes are designed to comply with the quality standards set by cGMP, ISO, and the US FDA’s Quality System Regulations, to make sure the consistent high quality of products.
In VivaChek, we believe in Professionalism, Respect, Trust and Leadership. We are committed to become a global trustworthy glucose meter supplier, a company that we are proud of in our life. Professionalism and Efficiency make us different. With more than 10 years experience in research and development of glucose meter, we have our unique solutions for many technical points. Our quality system and management system strictly follow the international standards from the date of establishment. We pursue high efficiency, especially the fast response to our clients. 
VivaChek pursues high stand of social responsibility, we manage our business in a way that promotes social, environmental and economic benefits for our stakeholders. We believe that our efforts to build a competitive workforce, to enhance health and wellbeing, and to protect the environment will benefit both VivaChek and the communities where we operate.